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Being Invited vs Inviting Yourself

I was thinking about the beginning. The first days, months and now years of what I think of as “Reinventing Chrissanne Long.” Last night I was recognized as an Emerging Leader in Polk County. I joined an elite group of individuals who have been honored with this distinction over the last 8 years. As I […]

From Here to There

What if there really are no instructions for getting from here to there? What if that feeling of discomfort, awkwardness, uncertainty is the exact reason and the point of the yearning we are feeling about wanting to go from this point to that one. We wake up one day and there’s an idea, a fleeting […]

The Artist’s Dilemma

The Artist gives her heart to the cause. Her work, I’ve heard many times, isn’t for the audience. It’s for Art’s sake.  The Marketer positions the work so that the audience will make a decision to buy it. Her work, on the other hand is to profit from the Art. This works very well when […]

The Cost of Efficiency

I recently learned about a local gynecologic oncologist that kept his patients waiting, sometimes for hours. Doctors’ offices like this are common. They schedule their appointments for efficiency, in case there are cancelations. But when everyone shows up on time (or early) for their appointments, the patients suffer, as the office and the Dr. try […]

Need More Rah Rah!

It’s not uncommon to hear feedback about the way I approach life. But before I tell you what I hear from others, let me tell you a couple of things I already knew, before these responses started to trickle in. I am weird. My positive attitude can be overwhelming. People can’t handle so much “rah […]

Love? Seriously?

I am far from calling myself enlightened. There’s so much work, the journey is long and there’s so much to do, before you can say you are done. And I am so far from being “done” and I am pretty sure it’s not going to get easier, but I have learned some things that are […]

Where do You Want to Go?

Get in the car and drive. Go wherever you want. Get your GPS, plug in an address and go. This is easy when you only have yourself to consider in your decision making, or when it’s just you and your spouse. But when you add more people to the car, it requires — well, MORE planning, more […]

Valuing the Past

There’s nothing wrong with the status quo. The details of how we arrived at this pivotal moment, can be found in the ideals and the decisions made in the past, and the limits we find on our capabilities today are only a matter of challenging what is, with a clear understanding that people — good, hard-working, passionate […]

Get Back on the Horse

The horse doesn’t care whether you do or not. He might sense your fear, but if anything, he is indifferent to it. And, it’s so easy to explain the thing holding you back. Everyone will understand. If you’re afraid of horses, or the high dive at the pool, there’s probably a good reason. You’ve probably […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

No matter your station in life, you’re going to be faced with the truth that numbers bring to any discussion. But if we want to make a difference, we have to be willing to read between the numbers. We have to see the people that those numbers represent. When we look solely at the economies […]

The Little Things

In January of 2013, Craig Hosking and I were just beginning to realize what the LOVE of this community felt like. We were still building a name for ourselves. We were slowly (SO SLOWLY – or so it seemed then) building our business, and looking for ways to add value, whenever possible. I think my family still […]

Believing Again

For the record: I don’t wear rose-colored glasses. I don’t believe in unicorns and I understand that not everything is sunshine and rainbows. I struggle with the same issues everyone else does, and I try to consider where ugliness and disrespect come from before I disregard the negative and critical voices that use social media […]

Too Much Light

There’s a fear in my heart that I must work daily to silence, or it will take over and convince me that everything I am doing is “wrong.” Who cares about your light? You’re blinding them. You’re overwhelming. Have you ever discovered that, simply by being yourself, you’re helping others do the same? Holding strong […]

Connecting to the Light

I have always been a sensitive soul – (I know, many of you would recommend that I don’t share something like that in such a public way) easily hurt, idealistic and passionate about the entire human experience. Longing to feel connected, valued and understood. Often feeling far from all of these. Feeling ALIVE has really […]

Operation Christmas Magic

In 2009, when I was broke, and we were just starting our business, I felt completely miserable around the holidays. I’ve always loved Christmas (how can I not, with a dad who is Santa Claus!) I didn’t have much money to buy things for my family — specifically, my nieces. And it gave me such an overwhelming […]


Guest Post: Permission Marketing in Networking

Contributed by Jay Clouse  Unreal Collective | Columbus, OH I receive Jay’s daily email. We were in altMBA12 together. There’s been a connection since we first met this summer. Today’s post was perfect and articulates perfectly how I have approached networking. I hope you enjoy this guest post from a fellow Seth Godin fan. Originally […]


Whatever you do, however small it might seem… Realize this — it is making a difference. It doesn’t have to be everything. It’s ok if you think it’s nothing. Whether you know it or not, it will be something. The only thing that is “nothing…” Is nothing


There is usually an easy way around the hard work. We can buy cheaper products, get cheap labor to put the thing we want to build together, we can just do the minimum to check it off the list. But what’s the joy in that? Emotional labor isn’t fun, but it guarantees connection — to our lives […]

The Voice of Reason is Lying

Dreams are a precious gift. Not the ones we have when we are sleeping. Not the fleeting dreams that don’t stick around longer than a day. I am talking about the ones that stir our hearts, that won’t leave us alone, that feel like someone or something is tugging at our hearts, challenging our reality, […]

No Show, No Grow

There’s only one real way to grow. Show up.  Social media allows us to exist and connect in a world that allows us to keep up the appearance that we’re “there.” We can express interest, comment with our feedback, share an opinion, ask for feedback… We can even peek into the lives of those who […]

Do the Hard Work First

There’s no easy way to change. In this world of fast, quick, cheap and watered down opportunities, the only way to really make a difference is to commit to the hard work. The good news is that everyone else is looking for fast, quick, cheap, watered down, and the competition is fierce for everyone else. […]

What’s Beyond Your Forest?

I have never seen a honeysuckle tree, and I think the only bonsai tree I have seen was in Karate Kid, but I know they exist. I live in central Florida, so I “know” citrus trees, and yet I also know that there are other fruit trees that produce delicious results. Hateful words, attitudes and […]

The Extra Mile

It is unimaginable to consider someone running an extra mile after completing a marathon. But could you imagine the news coverage? Even if he didn’t do it for that, it would be worth talking about: Dave Jones, after completing the NYC Marathon, continues running for an extra mile. When asked why, his response was, ‘I figured […]


Guest Post: The Legacy of Music

Contributed by Mark Parker  Owner, Bella Visage | Lakeland, FL Music It moves the heart and stimulates the brain. It can soothe or frustrate the spirit. It frees the mind and it grabs you! Music is a part of our lives from birth till death. We listen when we shower, when we eat, when we […]

Who Controls the Tide?

“A rising tide lifts all ships.” I hear this statement often, and I tend to agree, it’s a good message for what happens when the economy is improving around us, the benefits for all are great. So, we cheer for economic development, because it will help us all rise! Recently, I have started to see […]

On Writing

I share honestly. Transparently. And it feels incredibly liberating. Except when it doesn’t. Because, I too live in the real world. I have been following writers for as long as I can remember. I loved to read as a little girl. Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Harriet the Spy, Trixie Belden, […]

The Thing About Trolls

Not the cute “Hair Up” “Dance Dance Dance” variety. The Internet variety. I have learned a lot about trolls over the past several years. Ever since I have been encouraging conversations about the local economy and small businesses in an online forum, I have been dealing with the most interesting people. When one troll didn’t […]

Whatever it Takes

It’s easy to point the finger. But what makes us stronger is taking responsibility for our role in success (or lack thereof). If we’re stuck, how did we get here? And what is it going to take to get unstuck? Chances are, we didn’t get here overnight, and we won’t get there overnight either. The […]

Who’s Driving?

On my 30th birthday, I was still shadow-boxing, battling to discover the answer to the question, “Why am I here?” I thought I was born to be a mother, and yet that had yet to happen. I write about that in another post. I can recall the day of my birthday very clearly. It was […]

Skin in the Game

Why Emotional Labor isn’t Optional We like the sidelines. The gray area. The safe zone. The periphery. I used to like all of those things too. But there was something about those places that kept me feeling empty. Maybe even a little bit isolated from everything that seemed important. Life, however was relatively “easy.” I didn’t […]

It’s Your Turn

When you find someone else finding themselves, it’s almost as exciting as when you find yourself! Recently, one of the key members of my team, Jessica, started participating in an 8-week challenge. Participants were customers at a local gym, and the final weigh in was yesterday. She lost 19.2 pounds. But, that’s not the biggest […]

Get Over Yourself!

  Great advice from a local restaurant owner We (my local business network) had a meeting of the minds this morning. We had a lively discussion about how local business owners can work better together, and ultimately drive more awareness and foot traffic to the stores that are, historically called the “backbone of our community.” […]

The Heart of the Matter

Relationships are the Root of Success Thriving communities give off a special kind of vibe. There’s an energy and a dynamic that spreads in the smiles, actions and connections that are shared among the people of any successful community. I once heard the statement: “The Roots Determine the Fruits” and it resonated with me. Another similar […]

Tuning out the Critics?

Make Sure it’s Not a Cop Out “Don’t worry what other people think — you can’t make everyone happy,” has been common advice I have received in my life. Admittedly, I am a bit more sensitive than apparently, most of the world, and I have needed to strengthen my thin skin over the years. So, I am not […]

Something I’ve Never Seen

Bringing Different Perspectives Together for the Greater Good How we look at the world will never be complete. Individuals can only see a fragmented view, based on a very limited scope of the world, based on our own experiences. I have never experienced poverty, although it exists. I have never been the target of racism, but […]

But it Doesn’t Mean Anything

Written by Chrissanne Long | October 13, 2017 One of the greatest soundtracks of my childhood was the Sound of Music. I still love that movie today. When Maria is teaching the children Do-Re-Mi, before she starts singing, and throughout the song, the recorded soundtrack includes the dialogue from the movie. I can almost quote […]

The Enemy is Silence

Written by Chrissanne Long | October 11, 2017 Share Your Message with the World I called my mom to catch up this weekend, and we enjoyed a quick, but powerful conversation that led me to want to be bolder with my writing. I heard her telling me she was proud of me. And I also heard […]

How do we Get There from Here?

We are what we consistently think — and do. Do you know why Rome wasn’t built in a day? Do you know why patience is a virtue? Do you know why excellence has never existed as a result of one single act? It’s all in the details — in every action, exchange, promise made (and […]

Who is that person?

A few years ago, someone asked me this question: “What advice would you give to someone who is just getting started as a professional?” … and my answer hasn’t changed. Show Up … and Listen. Your input isn’t going to matter if your only platform is your social media persona. Participation means showing up. That’s where people […]

Breaking in New Jeans

and embracing new ideas. I have a pair of jeans I love to wear. They are the perfect pair of jeans for me. As most people do, I have several pairs of jeans. But these are my go-to jeans. They never let me down. Whatever the occasion, they make me feel comfortable. I think we all […]

What Lies Beneath

And other Hidden Secrets The surface. What does it tell you about a structure? For example, the axiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” suggests that what’s inside matters more than what is on the outside. And yet. We spend most of the time we share with others avoiding depth. I had a conversation with […]

Towel Throwing is for Quitters

A Manifesto for Doers. Don’t throw in the towel, don’t walk away. The hard work is already done. All that is needed now — is patience. (And a lot of deep breaths.) (This might prove to be the hardest work of all.) Waiting for movement. We’re ready to run, we have it all figured out. We are ready […]

Exit the Echo Chamber

As long as we keep asking for opinions from the people who already agree with us, we’ll continue living (safely, and “right”) in an echo chamber of our own creation. We shouldn’t want everyone to agree with us —  honest, respectful and productive conversations are essential for growth — be it as an individual or as a community. […]

Are These Our Rules?

100 Years ago, the back office called the shots, and everyone did what they were told. There were no other options. Cutting costs was the order of the day. “Only the strong survive,” and “Nice guys finish last,” were the tenets on which businesses were built. It was a dog eat dog world, and the […]


The Adventure Chooses You

I used to think life was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but today, I believe the adventure chooses you. It’s just up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept the challenge. Who the HECK do you think you are?! There are days, actually, last Saturday was one of those days, when the […]

Laying Out

How good are you at living in the moment? Staying present isn’t always easy, especially in the fast-paced world we’re living in. There’s so much happening, and we have to make sure we’re keeping up, not falling behind. We’re accountable to so many different people, we find it hard to stay 100% focused on the […]

Peeling Back the Layers – Make your Mark on the World

There is nothing more scary than putting yourself “out there.” We all feel a little fear whenever there’s something new to face in our lives. The butterflies are a good indicator that we’re stepping outside our comfort zone — or maybe we’re just looking at the edges of the zone, and holding ourselves back, for fear of […]

The Rockstar with No Name

Before you read this, open up a new tab and Google yourself. Not your business — you — your first and last name. If your name is John or Nancy Smith, you might need to add a geographical detail like your city or community name. What are the results? Is there a link to your LinkedIn profile? Your blog? […]

The Market is a Reflection of Us

We’re disgusted by society. Disgust isn’t enough. A social media rant solves nothing. Society is a reflection of what we stand for as consumers. As long as we continue to accept it, the status quo and what is mainstream in our culture is merely a reflection of us. As long as we continue to accept […]

GPS and the Value of Being Lost

I was leaving a leadership retreat this morning. I was in unfamiliar territory, and uncertain about my directions. (Shout out Leadership Polk – BCE!) Being uncertain about my directions is nothing new to me. Navigation is not my strong suit. And, thankfully I live in a time where technology makes this weakness less of a […]

Is it Permanent?

The human brain is designed to protect us. This instinct is what drives us away from dangerous situations, and toward those circumstances that we understand and which provide us with comfort and satisfaction. Our belief that we will be safe, or comfortable allows us to proceed with behaviors that will maintain our safety, and drives us to avoid things […]

The Artist (is) Inside

What are you craving? That tugging in your heart isn’t going to go away. You know it, I know it. The thing you’ve always wanted to do, but dismiss as impossible? That’s The Muse. Your Muse. Everyone (Yes, even you) has art inside them. You might have a desire to write, or sing, or grow vegetables in […]

What’s the Nugget in your Day?

  We all know what a perfect day looks like, right? When everything goes exactly the way you planned, when all the details fall into place, and when you are able to communicate exactly what you meant to say, without a single misunderstanding. No one says something ridiculous, you don’t get your feelings hurt, you […]

Separate Yourself – A Suggestion for Changemakers

Doing good comes with a downside. Maybe that’s why so many people just give up and stop trying. The reason we surround ourselves with the people we do, is because they “get us.” They know our heart. But we cannot live in a bubble. If we just surround ourselves with the people who understand us, […]

This Might Not Matter — Refusing Apathy

In my experience, the world is filled with unresolved conflict. I am not referring to Syria, or Health Care or Crime Rates or Unemployment. These are certainly unresolved conflicts — cultural, economic and government concerns that are of course, as great a concern to me as they likely are to you. However, this post is about the internal […]

Look for The Helpers: A Reminder Before Irma Arrives

Look for The Helpers: A Reminder Before Irma Arrives

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are […]

Pause, Breathe, Stay Positive

  I took a break from my 30 Day Challenge last night. I didn’t have anything productive (or positive) to say. I was exhausted in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and, while there is a lot of destruction, it could have been so much worse. But it’s still a mess. And the people are not […]

What you Find in the Space Between

  We tend to think about the world the way it is reported — in the extreme edges. But this leaves out much of the story. This is the “Broad Brush.” In times after disasters, we forget about how much we can do, in between the edges. When you look between the extremes, you find what really […]

You are the Village

  Climbing. Climbing. Climbing Reaching. Reaching. Reaching. Hoping. Hoping. Hoping. Praying. Praying. Praying.   We’re all in this together. And, the only way out is through. As tensions mount, and the communities prepare, I see something beautiful in front of me. Do you see it too? As the entire state of Florida awaits a natural […]

I am not Afraid of a Category 5 Hurricane — But this Next Step is a Doozy.

I am filled with fear about this next part of my journey. But, ironically, I am not filled with fear about the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown. I lived through Hurricane Andrew in 1993, and I know the devastation that is possible. I am not suggesting that I am […]

What does it Say About You?

Your brand has a story. You are a part of that story. The days of hiding behind the corporate ladder are no longer. Everyone is watching. Even if you are an employee, an intern, or just a temp. You represent the company you work for. With your LinkedIn profile, and your name tag, and your […]

The Edges of Your Beliefs

We live in a world of edges. An unexamined life, is worth examining. The edges are here for us to explore. Not for us to avoid. Right — Left Good — Evil Easy — Difficult Give — Take Real — Fake New — Traditional Fast — Slow Cheap — Expensive Pleasant — Offensive Innovative — Proven Risky — Safe However, exploring these edges is not recommended if we’re looking for approval. We’re not encouraged to explore beyond […]

They Want (You) to Be Awesome

You want to know how to attract the best talent? Here’s a newsflash: Millennials are no different than the Baby Boomers, Gen X or Gen Y’s youth of yesterday.   No, the difference is in the world they are living in — the world we created for them. We all wanted to matter, but we were just cogs in the wheel, […]

Everything is Figureoutable

  I originally heard this from Marie Forleo. It wasn’t something that I questioned, as much as I felt a connection to the message. Intuitively, I have always believed that if someone wants to figure something out, she can. When I was listening to Marie share this belief, I found myself thinking: Yes. I absolutely agree. […]

You are Not a Fake.

What if the notion that we must “Fake it till we make it” is just God’s way of allowing us to look in the mirror and see who we really are? We “fake’ our way out of the unpleasant holes, the old programming from the earlier part of our lives, and the bad habits that […]

How to Dance: a Post altMBA Perspective

Since reading Icarus Deception, by Seth Godin in 2012, I have been forcing myself to stop dancing with the Lizard Brain (aka the Resistance) and to look for ways to make myself stronger, more resilient, and willing to do the work required to get outside of my comfort zone. In March of this year (2017), […]

The Thing Holding You Back

I was thinking about the things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Growing my business, and developing my skills so that I can begin to spread my message to a wider audience. I believe I have the ability, I know I have the passion, but there is one thing holding me back. I […]

The Happiest Person I Know

My Aunt, Elena. Anyone who knows her has learned something from her — that love is the most endearing gift ever given to man (and woman). When I was a teenager, I got into trouble. I was sent to live with Elena and my uncle Willy, who is also another loving soul. They are both so blessed, and […]

Invite Yourself

Invite Yourself When you are considering the work others are doing, you may find yourself feeling left out. I remember that feeling well. Early on in my entrepreneurial career, I saw myself as “on the outside, looking in.” And feeling a little left out. I never considered that this was my choice, until one day, I […]

“Time” is Stealing Your Dreams

“Time” is Stealing your Dreams The thing about time is that we make time — for a drink here, an extra hour of sleep there, a Netflix binge and all of the other things we enjoy… Being disciplined about what is important to me has not always been a strength of mine, but in recent years, it has […]

Big Data – Driven by Little People

Big Data Driven by Little People - Be Awesome Daily

Big Data — Driven by Little People Numbers aren’t sexy to me. But success can’t be measured if no one is keeping track, right? There’s a lot of conversation in the world today about Big Data. For the corporate decision makers, it’s all about big business, so it requires big data. Yet, when you think about […]

We Need You

Be Awesome Daily - We Need You

Don’t Let Your Give-a-Damn get Busted The biggest challenge we face every day is caring. Caring makes us vulnerable. Which is not the same as weak. Giving a damn is exactly what makes doing the hard work so difficult. You show up doing what you can, the expert in whatever it is that you’re an expert […]

Want to Be Heard? Listen

I work with many different people. All of them have something important to say. All of them. My favorite part of my job is to listen, encourage, coach and ultimately help my clients understand why they need to get really good at telling their story. And why no one else can tell it as well as […]

Pressure is a Privilege

Chrissanne Long - Pressure is A Privilege

This story starts now, but it really started in the crummiest time of my life, when I was playing at being a victim. Pressure was scary — and I did everything I could to avoid finding myself feeling remotely pressured to do, say or be anything. And, I was miserable — and really, really lonely. The good thing […]

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