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The Adventure Chooses You

I used to think life was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but today, I believe the adventure chooses you. It’s just up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept the challenge. Who the HECK do you think you are?! There are days, actually, last Saturday was one of those days, when the […]

Laying Out

How good are you at living in the moment? Staying present isn’t always easy, especially in the fast-paced world we’re living in. There’s so much happening, and we have to make sure we’re keeping up, not falling behind. We’re accountable to so many different people, we find it hard to stay 100% focused on the […]

The Rockstar with No Name

Before you read this, open up a new tab and Google yourself. Not your business — you — your first and last name. If your name is John or Nancy Smith, you might need to add a geographical detail like your city or community name. What are the results? Is there a link to your LinkedIn profile? Your blog? […]

The Market is a Reflection of Us

We’re disgusted by society. Disgust isn’t enough. A social media rant solves nothing. Society is a reflection of what we stand for as consumers. As long as we continue to accept it, the status quo and what is mainstream in our culture is merely a reflection of us. As long as we continue to accept […]

GPS and the Value of Being Lost

I was leaving a leadership retreat this morning. I was in unfamiliar territory, and uncertain about my directions. (Shout out Leadership Polk – BCE!) Being uncertain about my directions is nothing new to me. Navigation is not my strong suit. And, thankfully I live in a time where technology makes this weakness less of a […]

This Might Not Matter — Refusing Apathy

In my experience, the world is filled with unresolved conflict. I am not referring to Syria, or Health Care or Crime Rates or Unemployment. These are certainly unresolved conflicts — cultural, economic and government concerns that are of course, as great a concern to me as they likely are to you. However, this post is about the internal […]

Pause, Breathe, Stay Positive

  I took a break from my 30 Day Challenge last night. I didn’t have anything productive (or positive) to say. I was exhausted in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and, while there is a lot of destruction, it could have been so much worse. But it’s still a mess. And the people are not […]

What you Find in the Space Between

  We tend to think about the world the way it is reported — in the extreme edges. But this leaves out much of the story. This is the “Broad Brush.” In times after disasters, we forget about how much we can do, in between the edges. When you look between the extremes, you find what really […]

You are the Village

  Climbing. Climbing. Climbing Reaching. Reaching. Reaching. Hoping. Hoping. Hoping. Praying. Praying. Praying.   We’re all in this together. And, the only way out is through. As tensions mount, and the communities prepare, I see something beautiful in front of me. Do you see it too? As the entire state of Florida awaits a natural […]