What if you had

Be Awesome Daily

an easy place to learn the art of blogging and how it can benefit you and your business.

Be Awesome Daily

a way to be held accountable, to develop a blogging habit, and to finally get comfortable with your writing.

Be Awesome Daily

blogging resources and coaching to help you embark on your unique blogging journey.

Be Awesome Daily

a place void of judgment, with a guaranteed audience that will provide thoughtful feedback.

Welcome to

Be Awesome Daily Brand

Be Awesome Daily is a blogging
you embark on for

30 days

Every day for
30 days,
you’ll set aside your reasons why not,
your excuses, the “I can’ts”,
and you’ll write.

think about it…

you  can do anything

for  30 days.

During this program you will:

• Identify your goals

• Explore your brand or your voice

• Brainstorm content for your blog with 30 daily prompts

• Fine-tune your message, with the help of coaching, resources, and an audience made up of people just like you

• Become proud of the writing that you do and the value it will provide

toe in the water

30 days


$180 / just $6 a day!

you GULP and then you just DO

Not Ready?

Be Awesome Daily’s