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Exit the Echo Chamber

As long as we keep asking for opinions from the people who…
October 2, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

Are These Our Rules?

100 Years ago, the back office called the shots, and everyone…
September 29, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

The Adventure Chooses You

I used to think life was like a Choose Your Own Adventure book,…
September 28, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

Laying Out

How good are you at living in the moment? Staying present isn’t…
September 28, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

Peeling Back the Layers – Make your Mark on the World

There is nothing more scary than putting yourself “out there.”…
September 26, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

The Rockstar with No Name

Before you read this, open up a new tab and Google yourself.…
September 26, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

The Market is a Reflection of Us

We’re disgusted by society. Disgust isn’t enough. A social…
September 25, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

GPS and the Value of Being Lost

I was leaving a leadership retreat this morning. I was in unfamiliar…
September 23, 2017/by Chrissanne Long

Is it Permanent?

The human brain is designed to protect us. This instinct is…
September 22, 2017/by mdmllc

The Artist (is) Inside

What are you craving? That tugging in your heart isn’t going…
September 20, 2017/by mdmllc

What’s the Nugget in your Day?


We all know what a perfect day looks like,…
September 19, 2017/by mdmllc

Separate Yourself – A Suggestion for Changemakers

Doing good comes with a downside. Maybe that’s why so many…
September 18, 2017/by mdmllc

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom