What if there really are no instructions for getting from here to there? What if that feeling of discomfort, awkwardness, uncertainty

is the exact reason and the point of the yearning we are feeling about wanting to go from this point to that one.

We wake up one day and there’s an idea, a fleeting thought. We let it hang out in our minds for a few minutes, but we discard it quickly.

It’s crazy. 

I don’t know how. 

It won’t work. 

And if that has worked in the past for the ideas you’ve had, you might not know what I am talking about.

The idea that continues to penetrate, like Chinese water torture. With the persistence of a flowing river, eroding the rocks, creating its own path.

That is when we start to wonder.

What if it’s not so crazy?

What if I could learn how?

What if it does work?

Getting from here to there isn’t easy. And it’s not comfortable. And, hell, it might be crazy — to everyone around you, it probably will be — but there’s a reason it’s calling your name.

There’s a reason it won’t leave you alone.

Take one small action, keep your eyes open, stop asking for permission.


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