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The Truth about Figuring it Out

I believe Everything is Figureoutable. But what exactly does that mean?  The road here (from wherever “there” is) has not been easy, has it? Sometimes it feels like everyone else has it figured out, and we’re left here, scratching our heads and wondering if we missed the day in school that they taught that class. […]

From Here to There

What if there really are no instructions for getting from here to there? What if that feeling of discomfort, awkwardness, uncertainty is the exact reason and the point of the yearning we are feeling about wanting to go from this point to that one. We wake up one day and there’s an idea, a fleeting […]

Versus: Winning in Communities

Winning vs Losing When we play a game, we understand there’s a chance we will lose. We want to win, because winning gives us opportunities to become the champion, to become more popular, to have more power. There is a lot to be said about winning. Look for quotes about winning and you’ll find one for […]

Empathy for the Bridge Troll

  We all remember the story of the Troll who lived under the bridge and refused to allow the Three Billy Goats to pass, when they arrived at the bridge. They wanted cross in order to enjoy the green grass on the other side of the bridge.But instead of letting them pass, he threatened to […]

The Artist’s Dilemma

The Artist gives her heart to the cause. Her work, I’ve heard many times, isn’t for the audience. It’s for Art’s sake.  The Marketer positions the work so that the audience will make a decision to buy it. Her work, on the other hand is to profit from the Art. This works very well when […]

Think Small Everyday.

Take a moment to imagine Lakeland without any of our small, local businesses. Take away the Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and those breaking out of the standard mold of a typical job. Think about our Downtown without our beloved coffee shops, salons, spas, boutique clothing stores, antique & consignment shops, restaurants, bars, the Farmer’s Market, our […]

The Cost of Efficiency

I recently learned about a local gynecologic oncologist that kept his patients waiting, sometimes for hours. Doctors’ offices like this are common. They schedule their appointments for efficiency, in case there are cancelations. But when everyone shows up on time (or early) for their appointments, the patients suffer, as the office and the Dr. try […]

Need More Rah Rah!

It’s not uncommon to hear feedback about the way I approach life. But before I tell you what I hear from others, let me tell you a couple of things I already knew, before these responses started to trickle in. I am weird. My positive attitude can be overwhelming. People can’t handle so much “rah […]

Love? Seriously?

I am far from calling myself enlightened. There’s so much work, the journey is long and there’s so much to do, before you can say you are done. And I am so far from being “done” and I am pretty sure it’s not going to get easier, but I have learned some things that are […]