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Whatever you do, however small it might seem… Realize this — it is making a difference. It doesn’t have to be everything. It’s ok if you think it’s nothing. Whether you know it or not, it will be something. The only thing that is “nothing…” Is nothing


There is usually an easy way around the hard work. We can buy cheaper products, get cheap labor to put the thing we want to build together, we can just do the minimum to check it off the list. But what’s the joy in that? Emotional labor isn’t fun, but it guarantees connection — to our lives […]

The Voice of Reason is Lying

Dreams are a precious gift. Not the ones we have when we are sleeping. Not the fleeting dreams that don’t stick around longer than a day. I am talking about the ones that stir our hearts, that won’t leave us alone, that feel like someone or something is tugging at our hearts, challenging our reality, […]

No Show, No Grow

There’s only one real way to grow. Show up.  Social media allows us to exist and connect in a world that allows us to keep up the appearance that we’re “there.” We can express interest, comment with our feedback, share an opinion, ask for feedback… We can even peek into the lives of those who […]

Do the Hard Work First

There’s no easy way to change. In this world of fast, quick, cheap and watered down opportunities, the only way to really make a difference is to commit to the hard work. The good news is that everyone else is looking for fast, quick, cheap, watered down, and the competition is fierce for everyone else. […]

What’s Beyond Your Forest?

I have never seen a honeysuckle tree, and I think the only bonsai tree I have seen was in Karate Kid, but I know they exist. I live in central Florida, so I “know” citrus trees, and yet I also know that there are other fruit trees that produce delicious results. Hateful words, attitudes and […]

The Extra Mile

It is unimaginable to consider someone running an extra mile after completing a marathon. But could you imagine the news coverage? Even if he didn’t do it for that, it would be worth talking about: Dave Jones, after completing the NYC Marathon, continues running for an extra mile. When asked why, his response was, ‘I figured […]

Who Controls the Tide?

“A rising tide lifts all ships.” I hear this statement often, and I tend to agree, it’s a good message for what happens when the economy is improving around us, the benefits for all are great. So, we cheer for economic development, because it will help us all rise! Recently, I have started to see […]