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Where do You Want to Go?

Get in the car and drive. Go wherever you want. Get your GPS, plug in an address and go. This is easy when you only have yourself to consider in your decision making, or when it’s just you and your spouse. But when you add more people to the car, it requires — well, MORE planning, more […]

Valuing the Past

There’s nothing wrong with the status quo. The details of how we arrived at this pivotal moment, can be found in the ideals and the decisions made in the past, and the limits we find on our capabilities today are only a matter of challenging what is, with a clear understanding that people — good, hard-working, passionate […]

Get Back on the Horse

The horse doesn’t care whether you do or not. He might sense your fear, but if anything, he is indifferent to it. And, it’s so easy to explain the thing holding you back. Everyone will understand. If you’re afraid of horses, or the high dive at the pool, there’s probably a good reason. You’ve probably […]

Are you Connectable?

I write a lot about the power of connection. It’s the foundation of many leaders’ stories of success. And, as they say, success leaves clues. So, as a detective, on the hunt for the best pathway for my own success, I have spent a lot of time studying. The most common theme among the most […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

No matter your station in life, you’re going to be faced with the truth that numbers bring to any discussion. But if we want to make a difference, we have to be willing to read between the numbers. We have to see the people that those numbers represent. When we look solely at the economies […]

The Little Things

In January of 2013, Craig Hosking and I were just beginning to realize what the LOVE of this community felt like. We were still building a name for ourselves. We were slowly (SO SLOWLY – or so it seemed then) building our business, and looking for ways to add value, whenever possible. I think my family still […]

Believing Again

For the record: I don’t wear rose-colored glasses. I don’t believe in unicorns and I understand that not everything is sunshine and rainbows. I struggle with the same issues everyone else does, and I try to consider where ugliness and disrespect come from before I disregard the negative and critical voices that use social media […]

Too Much Light

There’s a fear in my heart that I must work daily to silence, or it will take over and convince me that everything I am doing is “wrong.” Who cares about your light? You’re blinding them. You’re overwhelming. Have you ever discovered that, simply by being yourself, you’re helping others do the same? Holding strong […]

Connecting to the Light

I have always been a sensitive soul – (I know, many of you would recommend that I don’t share something like that in such a public way) easily hurt, idealistic and passionate about the entire human experience. Longing to feel connected, valued and understood. Often feeling far from all of these. Feeling ALIVE has really […]

Operation Christmas Magic

In 2009, when I was broke, and we were just starting our business, I felt completely miserable around the holidays. I’ve always loved Christmas (how can I not, with a dad who is Santa Claus!) I didn’t have much money to buy things for my family — specifically, my nieces. And it gave me such an overwhelming […]