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“Time” is Stealing Your Dreams

“Time” is Stealing your Dreams The thing about time is that we make time — for a drink here, an extra hour of sleep there, a Netflix binge and all of the other things we enjoy… Being disciplined about what is important to me has not always been a strength of mine, but in recent years, it has […]

Big Data – Driven by Little People

Big Data — Driven by Little People Numbers aren’t sexy to me. But success can’t be measured if no one is keeping track, right? There’s a lot of conversation in the world today about Big Data. For the corporate decision makers, it’s all about big business, so it requires big data. Yet, when you think about […]

We Need You

Don’t Let Your Give-a-Damn get Busted The biggest challenge we face every day is caring. Caring makes us vulnerable. Which is not the same as weak. Giving a damn is exactly what makes doing the hard work so difficult. You show up doing what you can, the expert in whatever it is that you’re an expert […]

Want to Be Heard? Listen

I work with many different people. All of them have something important to say. All of them. My favorite part of my job is to listen, encourage, coach and ultimately help my clients understand why they need to get really good at telling their story. And why no one else can tell it as well as […]

Pressure is a Privilege

This story starts now, but it really started in the crummiest time of my life, when I was playing at being a victim. Pressure was scary — and I did everything I could to avoid finding myself feeling remotely pressured to do, say or be anything. And, I was miserable — and really, really lonely. The good thing […]