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What does it Say About You?

Your brand has a story. You are a part of that story. The days of hiding behind the corporate ladder are no longer. Everyone is watching. Even if you are an employee, an intern, or just a temp. You represent the company you work for. With your LinkedIn profile, and your name tag, and your […]

The Edges of Your Beliefs

We live in a world of edges. An unexamined life, is worth examining. The edges are here for us to explore. Not for us to avoid. Right — Left Good — Evil Easy — Difficult Give — Take Real — Fake New — Traditional Fast — Slow Cheap — Expensive Pleasant — Offensive Innovative — Proven Risky — Safe However, exploring these edges is not recommended if we’re looking for approval. We’re not encouraged to explore beyond […]

They Want (You) to Be Awesome

You want to know how to attract the best talent? Here’s a newsflash: Millennials are no different than the Baby Boomers, Gen X or Gen Y’s youth of yesterday.   No, the difference is in the world they are living in — the world we created for them. We all wanted to matter, but we were just cogs in the wheel, […]

Everything is Figureoutable

  I originally heard this from Marie Forleo. It wasn’t something that I questioned, as much as I felt a connection to the message. Intuitively, I have always believed that if someone wants to figure something out, she can. When I was listening to Marie share this belief, I found myself thinking: Yes. I absolutely agree. […]

You are Not a Fake.

What if the notion that we must “Fake it till we make it” is just God’s way of allowing us to look in the mirror and see who we really are? We “fake’ our way out of the unpleasant holes, the old programming from the earlier part of our lives, and the bad habits that […]

How to Dance: a Post altMBA Perspective

Since reading Icarus Deception, by Seth Godin in 2012, I have been forcing myself to stop dancing with the Lizard Brain (aka the Resistance) and to look for ways to make myself stronger, more resilient, and willing to do the work required to get outside of my comfort zone. In March of this year (2017), […]

The Thing Holding You Back

I was thinking about the things I want to accomplish in the next 5 years. Growing my business, and developing my skills so that I can begin to spread my message to a wider audience. I believe I have the ability, I know I have the passion, but there is one thing holding me back. I […]

The Happiest Person I Know

My Aunt, Elena. Anyone who knows her has learned something from her — that love is the most endearing gift ever given to man (and woman). When I was a teenager, I got into trouble. I was sent to live with Elena and my uncle Willy, who is also another loving soul. They are both so blessed, and […]

Invite Yourself

Invite Yourself When you are considering the work others are doing, you may find yourself feeling left out. I remember that feeling well. Early on in my entrepreneurial career, I saw myself as “on the outside, looking in.” And feeling a little left out. I never considered that this was my choice, until one day, I […]