What if the notion that we must “Fake it till we make it” is just God’s way of allowing us to look in the mirror and see who we really are?

We “fake’ our way out of the unpleasant holes, the old programming from the earlier part of our lives, and the bad habits that have sadly become our customary and accepted definitions of ourselves, because we have bought into that definition, so anything different, we tell ourselves, is “fake.”

So we start “faking” it for awhile, and almost miraculously, things start to move, circumstances improve, the hole becomes distant, and the “making it” starts to happen in ways we never believed were possible.

And, then like clockwork, as soon as we’re “making it,” a flood of doubts starts to threaten everything we’ve done to get here because, afterall, we were merely faking, right?

It’s when we get to this important turning point, that we need to really pay attention to our inner dialogue, listen carefully and decide whether or not we are finally ready to shed the past. Because it’s then that we’ll understand what was really happening while we were “faking.” And the results might allow us to see God smiling at us and saying:

“I’ve known who you were all this time. I’m so glad you’ve finally been able to see the beautiful person I have created you to be. You are a remarkable human being. I am proud of who you are.”

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