We live in a world of edges. An unexamined life, is worth examining. The edges are here for us to explore. Not for us to avoid.

Right — Left
Good — Evil
Easy — Difficult
Give — Take
Real — Fake
New — Traditional
Fast — Slow
Cheap — Expensive
Pleasant — Offensive
Innovative — Proven
Risky — Safe

However, exploring these edges is not recommended if we’re looking for approval. We’re not encouraged to explore beyond what we’re served as “reality.”

It’s not your job, you’re too young, you’re not smart enough, you’re not rich enough, you’re not connected enough, you’re too old, it’s too risky, you won’t get the promotion, it’s not possible, it’s against regulation.

Don’t rock the boat. Trust us. We know what we’re doing. Toe this line. It’s safe. Don’t go over there, it’s dangerous. Stay here.

So, we take what we’re given. We buy in. It’s easier. It’s what we’re told we need to do to “make it” in this world.

And yet…

What happens when someone like you finally gets fed up, restless, unsettled, curious? What will you find on the other side of your belief? If you venture to explore the edges of your beliefs, you’ll probably find that it’s not so cut and dried. There are layers, and layers, and more layers. The answer isn’t as simple as they’d have you believe.

No, you actually have to do your own work to discover what you believe. Trust, but verify. Begin to peel the layers, and discover what your truth is.

This reveals one of the most important edges:

The distinction between rights — responsibilities.

To be protected is our right, and it is also our responsibility to protect ourselves. We cannot hand that responsibility blindly to others.

The answers we’re all seeking live between the edges, which requires that we consider both what we believe as well as the opposite of what we believe — or we risk abdicating responsibility to someone who is only capable of believing their version of the truth, only seen through their lens.

Don’t believe me? Good. We’re getting somewhere.

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