Don’t Let Your Give-a-Damn get Busted

Be Awesome Daily - We Need You

The biggest challenge we face every day is caring. Caring makes us vulnerable. Which is not the same as weak. Giving a damn is exactly what makes doing the hard work so difficult. You show up doing what you can, the expert in whatever it is that you’re an expert at. But it doesn’t always work.

When it doesn’t work, you have 2 choices.

1. Stop Caring
2. Keep Caring

If you stop caring, you’re choosing the easy path — here you can be numb, and just go along to get along. You don’t have to work too hard, and you don’t have to care about the fact that you don’t care, because, look around, that’s what it seems like everyone is doing.

And, what’s even better? If you keep caring, you get the benefit of being lonely, wrong, misunderstood, criticized, ridiculed, and tired.

Whenever you decide to add value, and do more than is being asked of you, it’s important that you realize that this is your choice — and there’s a pretty good chance, with all the Give-a-damns that are busted in our world today, that nobody will care, notice or appreciate that you’ve done anything special. The thing is you’re free to stop protecting and maintaining your Give-a-damn, because everyone else seems to have abandoned theirs.

You’re not everyone else. We need you to Give a Damn.

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