When you find someone else finding themselves, it’s almost as exciting as when you find yourself!

Recently, one of the key members of my team, Jessica, started participating in an 8-week challenge. Participants were customers at a local gym, and the final weigh in was yesterday. She lost 19.2 pounds.

But, that’s not the biggest win of that challenge. At the end of the challenge, she shared a video about how she was feeling, and reflecting on how she felt before she started the challenge.

“I wasn’t saying yes to me. That’s all it was. I just needed to share that with you, because it’s life changing. LIFE Changing. To make that first step. And then from there on, momentum catches on, and there’s no stopping you. Once you get going, there is no stopping you. It’s like going downhill, there’s no stopping you.”

Sometimes, you just find exactly what you need to find in the messages people are sharing. But this one, was a lot closer to home for me. In her words, I saw myself. And yet, her confidence in sharing that video, is something I admired and respected immensely. It’s something I continue to be challenged with.

We can (and should) learn from each other — not just our peer groups, but the generations before and after us. (More on that in a coming post). But this moment in time, whatever you’re not doing, if you’re stuck, or if you’re just not moving forward, take Jessica’s advice.

Say YES to yourself. It truly is life changing — it has changed my life, and continues to be the only way forward for me at any given moment.

Everyone else might be standing (or sitting) around you, telling you they believe in you, but until you make your move — until you say yes to yourself, everything is going to stay the same. But when you do make that first step forward, the propellers will turn on and the jets will start doing their thing.

We’re waiting for you. It’s your turn.

Keep going Jessica!

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